Xfinity Home Security Ups the Ante on Automation with Pet Detection

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What do our pets do all day? Telecom giant Comcast is gearing up to answer that question with a newly released camera feature for Xfinity Home Security. The technology uses artificial intelligence to distinguish pet movement from other movement in the camera’s line of sight, allowing pet owners to easily retrieve footage of their pets in action — rather than having to sift through hours of them sleeping.

Xfinity’s focus on pet footage is the result of consumer feedback. According to a Wakefield Research survey conducted earlier this year, 94% of those surveyed said that checking in on their pets while away from home is the best part of their day. In fact, people use video monitoring to check their pets more often than their front door.

While reviewing front door footage is less amusing than watching your cat get into the dog food, Comcast’s earlier foray into camera filtering laid the groundwork for pet detection. Xfinity created a similar camera filter to pick out faces and license plates from front door cameras. Not great fodder for your social media feeds, but hugely helpful in identifying and tracking down porch pirates.

Xfinity Home Security by Comcast seems more interested in the entertainment and convenience possibilities of smart home tech than with plain security. When Comcast introduced home automation in 2012 (two years after entering the home security space), they didn’t initially integrate the two offerings. They outsource the monitoring of their security devices to a wholesale monitoring company. They also offer far more third-party automation devices than they do security devices. On one hand, you have smart thermostats, garage door openers, and lighting — all sleekly controlled by remote or app — and on the other, you have standard-issue door and window monitors. But according to consumer feedback, it’s the fun side of home automation that we’re more interested in.

Keen on getting visual updates on your pet while you’re at work or on vacation? You’ll need to get the Xfinity Camera and select the option for continuous recording, a small uptick in your monthly rate. Read more about Xfinity Home Security to discover if their offerings are right for you.